Worship every Sunday
10.30 am

Phase 5 – Coming Out of Lockdown

Hearing the wonderful news that from Saturday 20th June, we can begin to re-open our worship and programme at the hall and community centre, was greatly encouraging.

We met with the Corps Council and Local Officers on Saturday and made the decision that we will hold a Father’s Day Family Service on Sunday morning, 21st June, at 10:30am with refreshments from 9:50am, if anyone would like to gather for fellowship prior to the start of the meeting. There will be opportunity for sharing in the meeting and the theme of the service will be ‘Thank you Father.’

With morning meetings each week at 10:30am, we will not be holding an evening meeting until September and will continue with the online devotions each week as we move forward. The Corps Council and Local Officers are reviewing the programme for Sunday evenings, following the conversation that was held prior to lockdown.

As we begin to open and look to go forward as a Corps, we recognise that until the coronavirus is eradicated or a vaccine is found, that everyone will need to maintain a degree of handwashing / sanitising and that we will need to respect one another’s personal space. Some people will be happy to shake one another’s hands and others will not. We will respect personal choice in this regard, just as it is important that everyone comes and feels comfortable in what they are wearing – some will want to wear washable clothing, rather than uniform and some will naturally feel nervous about gathering again. Likewise, if you wish to pray at the Mercy Seat and would prefer to pray alone, please bring a Bible or Song Book to indicate that. The leadership of the Corps respect you, and it is important that everyone re-connects as they feel confident and comfortable to do so.

If anyone feels unwell or has a cold or cough or other illnesses, please will you stay at home and not come to the Army, even if you have mild symptoms.

We will space the chairs so that the rows will have greater leg room but if you don’t want anyone sitting right next to you, please put something on the chair to indicate that you would like a distance to be maintained.

Each section and group will be contacted by their leaders who will discuss arrangements for those activities, and leaders will seek to communicate via Corps Sergeant Major Roy Romeril, who will publish dates and times of meetings, gatherings, practices etc… in the Grapevine.

The Community Centre will open on Monday 22nd June at 9:30am and will be open daily, Monday to Friday, remaining closed on Saturday’s. Toddler Church and Friends Together will reconvene in September and we are currently reviewing the Luncheon Club activity.

We hope you will be able to join us in celebration and praise on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you soon.

God bless,

Yours sincerely
Jamie & Claire Hill, Majors
– Sent on behalf of the Corps Council & Local Officers